My name is Katie. I’m a part-time History Professor with a PhD in Medieval Studies, full time wife and mom to three boys in Columbus, OH. Two years ago (May 3, 2012), I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on my pineal gland. I underwent a craniotomy to remove the tumor on May 8th and suffered a hemorrhagic stroke during the surgery. I had a second surgery around the 22nd to place a shunt and drain the hydrocephalas caused by the tumor. On May 26th, I was transferred to the inpatient rehab unit and was there until June 21st, 2012. This blog is my story, told two years later, to the best of my abilities for my friends and relatives who were far away or who didn’t know me two years ago. This is a public blog, so may also come up for anyone searching “brain tumors” or “stroke recovery.” If this becomes a problem, I may have to change the settings as I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. NOTHING THAT APPEARS IN THIS BLOG SHOULD BE INTERPRETED AS MEDICAL ADVICE. I’m just a mom sharing my story. Some of it will be funny, some of it will definitely not. A blog is cheaper than therapy.


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  1. siva

    Thanks for the suggestion to subscribe my email. It took me a miniute to figure it out as i am a big blog follower 😉 i have enjoyed reading about your experience. Does that say something about me i wonder. Although i wouldn’t enjoy it if i didnt alreadt know the outcome. Any way you are a real trooper miss katie keep up tge good fight girl.



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